At Clugston we take a balanced view of the results of our actions, and are committed to achieving long term environmental, social and economic sustainability. We do not believe in seeking short-term economic benefit at the expense of future generations.

Environmental: We are committed to reducing our impact on both the local and global environment by:

  • Being aware of and monitoring the disturbance our operations cause to local communities
  • Being aware of our affect on the global environment; measuring our emissions of CO2 and targeting year-on-year reduction
  • Being aware of the environmental impact of the resources we purchase and seeking sustainable sources where possible
  • Measuring and targeting ongoing reductions in the amount of waste generated in the provision of our products and services
  • Measuring and targeting to reduce our use of, and reliance on, non-renewable sources of energy

Social: To continue successfully over the long-term, a business needs the right people, customers and suppliers and also a stable society within which to operate. As an organisation, we want to make a positive contribution to those communities in which we operate and be a company that people want to work for and our suppliers and customers prefer to work with.

Economic: Profit is vital and we therefore aim to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Make efficient use of resources
  • Consider the ‘whole-life-cost’ implications in our decisions

We are committed to the continual improvement of our performance and will identify actions needed to work towards these goals. Achievement of actions and measurement of performance will be reviewed periodically. We will report the results of our measurement publicly.


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