Clugston is celebrating World FM Day

Clugston is celebrating World FM Day between 15th and 19th May 2017

Each year the Facilities Management (FM) community celebrates World FM Day and this year, the day will be celebrated on the 17th May. The core theme of World FM Day relates to ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’ and the FM Team will be highlighting how FM plays an integral role in providing positive experiences for our customers, clients and employees. At Clugston, we want our people coming to work because they feel part of ‘Team Clugston’ and we focus on developing our staff to understand and buy into our Purpose, Vision and Values. Staff performance appraisals are used to create personal development plans to develop these skills and competencies. Getting the basics right within our team enables us to provide a first-class customer care service where our Customers (both internal and external) are delighted with our work.

World FM Day gives us an added opportunity to engage with our stakeholders and reflect on how we can deliver improvements and provide an even better experience to those interacting with, or working within the FM industry.

• All FM sites hosting a buffet lunch to engage with our customers, clients and staff where at least 2 Clugston senior business representatives will be on hand at each site to help out and interact with attendees

• Running a presentation to highlight what FM services consist of and how they can make customers lives easier

• Issuing customer experience ‘themed’ Tool Box Talks

• Uploading articles onto the Clugston intranet and website

• Posting awareness posters

• Distributing gifts and other memorabilia

Please contact us if you require further information on what we are doing at Clugston. We are more than happy to collaborate with other organisations to jointly celebrate World FM Day.

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