Clugston FM Champions Celebrate Awards

Clugston teams at Vivergofuels Ltd, Dantre Community Hospital and Walkergate Park Hospital have been celebrating awards in Health and Safety, Environment and Customer Care.


The Clugston Team at Vivergofuels Ltd have won the 2017 Health and Safety Award for their hard work and dedication in promoting and managing health and safety on the top tier COMAH site.

Health and Safety is paramount in everything the team does to avoid accidents, injuries and ill health. The award recognises they have demonstrated competence at a level above and beyond normal expectations. The way in which the team managed health and safety when working with Vivergofuels during a planned shutdown period was exceptional. The management and supervision of an additional 30 staff who were unfamiliar with the site and handling unplanned and unforeseen requests proves Clugston have the people, systems and culture in place.

Site Manager, Andy Hutchinson paid recognition to the whole team and said “We are all in this together. We are a team and look out for each other and starting with Health and Safety is the right place to start!”


Clugston’s Team based at Dantre Community Hospital have championed their way to environmental success by winning the 2017 Environmental Award.

Clugston understands the importance of managing our environmental responsibilities professionally and sustainably and encourage its staff to go-the-extra-mile in demonstrating our commitment.

The Dantre team upgraded their site environmental notice boards, took recycling to the next level with lockable waste bins to prevent contamination and communicated their best practice arrangements to the wider business.

Cliff Giles, Site Supervisor said “We have seen a substantial improvement in how we manage our environmental responsibilities over the years and in accordance with our ISO 14001 accreditation, we are on the road of continual improvement!” Customer Care Award


The first Clugston Customer Care Award recognising excellence in customer care was won by the Walkergate Park Hospital Team. Accepting the award on behalf of the team, Ronnie Kewley, Site Supervisor, said “We just want to do a great job because it makes our lives easier. Winning this award makes us feel good and encourages us to do even better”.

Clugston FM aspire to be recognised as a leading, caring and expert Facilities Management business renowned for delivering its customer promises. The Customer Care Award recognises good pro-active Customer Care and Relationship Management.

The Walkergate Park team ensured a speedy refurbishment of the hydrotherapy pool for the NHS with minimal costs. This was completed at a time when the demand for the pool by patients was immense and the team and hospital staff had to keep normal day job activities running simultaneously. Open communication with daily progress updates and elimination of surprises were key and the customer feedback reflects how well the team performed.

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