Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Companies have long recognised the importance of being energy efficient and the impact it has on the environment and their business finances. To reinforce this, the Government has introduced a mandatory requirement for all major companies to complete an energy audit.

Companies fitting the criteria who fail to undertake and lodge their assessment with the Environment Agency leave themselves exposed to penalties and fines. The only exception being those who already have an ISO 5001 Energy Management Certification

In response to this Clugston Facilities Management has invested in the training of Lee Clarkson to become a Lead Accredited Assessor.

In this role Lee can now complete the official compliance process for companies needing assessments undertaken. He can measure energy consumption throughout a company including its properties, transport systems and processes and additionally provide a report identifying areas of potential savings will be issued.

Commenting on the service Lee said: “This isn’t an optional assessment for companies who fit the criteria; it’s mandatory. The Environment Agency are able to fine companies who fail to complete their assessment. We can help with this exercise, being one of the few accredited Lead Assessors in the Yorkshire and North Lincs area. We are keen to hear from those who believe they fit the criteria.”

If you would like to find out more Lee can be contacted via phone or email:

Tel: 0743 656 2273

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