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Perstorp UK Ltd

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Perstorp UK Ltd

Perstorp is an international specialty chemicals group with leading positions in selected niches. The Group has around 1,500 employees and manufacturing companies in Europe, North America and Asia.


The Perstorp Group was acquired at the end of 2005 by Perstorp Holding AB, which is controlled by the French private equity company PAI partners.

The Warrington site is based in the North West of England and shares the site with Solvay Interox Ltd, part of Solvay S.A. Perstorp acquired the Caprolactones business from Solvay S.A. in February 2008.

Operating under the Capa™ trademark, the Capa™ Business Unit provides over 75 different products to many sectors including the Adhesives, Automotive, Resins, Paints and Footwear, as well as being a key material for Polyurethane (“PU”) and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (“TPU”) based manufacturers.


Clugston FM are providing Perstorp with key logistical support for their production activities.

Activities undertaken include;

  • Receipt of chemicals and consumables by fork lift truck or bulk tanker
  • Packaging of Capa™ into sacks, barrels, IBC’s and bulk tankers
  • Warehouse and stock management
  • Loading of packed Capa™ onto HGV’s and bulk tankers
  • Mobile Plant lease and maintenance


Clugston FM employ a team of operatives who are based full-time on the site. The contract is managed by a designated Facilities Account Manager. Continued investment in training has ensured that the workforce is motivated, multi-skilled and flexible.

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