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The Clugston FM Team, all experts in their particular fields, are all members of a highly motivated and dependable workforce, striving hard to maintain the quality and value levels needed to support your business objectives. All our staff are supported and encouraged to:

  • Take ownership through clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Achieve their full potential through training and management guidance
  • Adopt an innovative, entrepreneurial and customer-centric approach.

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Fire Safety Services

Our Responsibilities

Clugston Facilities Management operates in service and manufacturing industries which have a significant impact on the environment around us. The protection and welfare of people, the environment and resources is therefore at the top of our agenda alongside a commitment to adopt sustainable practices in the delivery of our services.

We therefore:

  • Ensure procedures and attitudes are in place to ensure an incident free working environment for everyone involved in our operations.
  • Continually support improvements in the welfare and employment conditions of our employees
  • Minimise our impact on the environment by using sustainable material and processes.
  • Ensure we support the wider communities in which we work, providing local initiatives for employment and training.
Fire Safety Services Manager Quote

Lesley Grace

Business Development Manager

"Clugston prides itself on making life easier for our customers and I thrive on delivering this challenge."

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