Supply Chain

At Clugston we recognise that the effective selection and management of works contractors and suppliers is paramount to the success of any project. We put great effort into the selection process and seek to involve our supply chain at the earliest possible stage of our own involvement with a project.

A national and local knowledge of trade contractors, supported by a thorough appraisal system, has allowed Clugston to build up a database of companies that we know will meet our own strict standards and in turn those of our customers.

Over time we have developed relationships with many trade contractors and suppliers whose specific skills and business philosophy complement our own.

We encourage them to keep us informed of their activities and innovations in materials and processes within their respective fields.

If you would like to become part of Clugston’s preferred supply chain please contact the following:

Materials and Plant Suppliers

Carl Whitham on 01724 843491 or email


Beverley Fraser on 01724 843491 or email

Clugston Construction

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