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Phillips 66 Maintenance Contract

  • Location: South Killingholme
  • Client: Phillips 66

Clugston are one of three civil contractors working on the Phillips 66 Humber Oil Refinery undertaking a wide range of civil engineering and ground works projects including drainage schemes, concrete foundation works, tank foundations, maintenance and repairs to roads and paving and refurbishment of clay bund walls on the refinery tank farms.

Clugston has undertaken a variety of large and minor projects at this petro chemical site for several years now and are recognised for their appreciation and expertise of working in such an environment where Health & Safety procedures and environmental management are critical.

All works are approved through Phillips 66 permit to work system with Clugston method statements and risk assessments considering refinery process hazards and job specific hazards. The Clugston Maintenance team often have to take into consideration issues such as working around live process plant and pipe work which create issues around access and restricts the amount of plant that can use on site.

Works are generally undertaken on a schedule of rates allowing the client to manage their facilities finances better.

All the labour workforce is local, many have been employed on the site since the contracts inception. This continuity of work personnel provides Phillips 66 with operatives and supervisors who have in-depth knowledge of the site conditions and what issues may arise. This allows Clugston to have a proactive approach to any required works and any foreseeable problems.

Recent Project:

Clugston refurbished and repaired two large tank foundation on the refinery's south tank farm. These two tanks have been in situ for decades and were deemed unfit for purpose. The tanks had to be de-commissioned, lifted prior to commencing the construction of new concrete annular ring beams and stone slab foundations. These projects were time critical so as not to affect production at the facility. The programme was completed on time and under target budget.

Recent Project:

Clugston were involved in refurbishing the Refinery's Tank Farm Clay Bund Walls.  The refurbishment work includes installation of new concrete walls at pipe penetrations to replace existing clay bunds, stripping weathered material off external clay bunds, then cutting steps, filling, compacting and re-profiling as required by the design. Included with these bulk elements of work are smaller drainage and concreting works.

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