Sector: Process Industries

New Offices and Laboratory - Johnson Matthey

  • Location: Billingham, Tees Valley
  • Client: Johnson Matthey
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Consultants: Sadler Brown, Pell Frishmann

Constrained on three sides, the new building houses 60 staff dedicated to catalyst research and development. The initial appointment was at concept design stage with Clugston working collaboratively with the Client and their end users to ensure the finished product met their development needs.

The building is fitted out into office, conference, laboratory and plant rooms. The laboratory equipment consists of laboratory benching, safety stations, drench showers, sinks, fume cupboards (within a fully sealed area), ventilated cabinets, glove boxes, dust booths, calcination, drying ovens, laboratory scales and gas chromatographs, all of which have influenced how the design of the ventilation and extraction systems work.

By working closely with our M&E subcontractor, extractors have been combined to provide the most economical system, reducing the number of fans in the plant room whilst maintaining the required face velocity and negative pressure in the laboratories. The design of the laboratories also considered the different routing requirements for each gas which include nitrogen, oxygen, natural gas and hydrogen.

Sitting within a very tight footprint, the team were challenged to construct the new facility within 6 meters of an existing production building. To overcome any potential disruptions great care was taken to limit any negative impact on neighbouring businesses. Initiatives included; ‘just in time’ deliveries, pre-cast flooring and steel frame which had to be procured and sequenced in its allotted construction phase.

All parties worked collaboratively with open book accounting, fair payment mechanisms, common processes, document sharing software and integrated health and safety practices. The Clugston ‘Take Time’ initiative was enhanced by introducing the Client’s ‘White Card’ system, where good H&S practices are rewarded.

The project was delivered on time, under budget with 0 accidents, all of which have contributed to Clugston securing our third project for the Johnson Matthey Group of Companies.

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