Sector: Process Industries

Catalyst Production Building - Johnson Matthey

  • Location: Clitheroe, Lancashire
  • Client: Johnson Matthey
  • Value: £3.4m
  • Duration: 70 weeks
  • Consultants: K Home International

Clugston Construction was appointed to deliver the civils and building envelope scope of works in relation to the expansion of a nitrate treatment facility for Johnson Matthey Catalyst, Clitheroe.

At the time of appointment, the scope of works was not fully completed, with the design under discussion and no programme devised. The target completion date could not be moved due to the potential financial losses if the expanded section of the plant was not up and running by a specific date.

Johnson Matthey wished for maximum flexibility in their construction partner to allow for the scheme to evolve in terms of scope and programme, whilst ensuring the end date was achieved. Key dates for certain activities were agreed upon, particularly in line with specialist equipment installation.

Flexibility and adaptability were critical to the emerging design and scope, therefore a cost reimbursable solution was decided upon with ourselves, K Home and Johnson Matthey, working closely together to provide buildability and value engineering input into the design.

There were three phases to the work carried out by Clugston;

Catalyst Production & By-product Building

The catalyst production building was 1050 sqm and at two heights, the tallest of which was 24.5m with slim vent stacks 3m above roof height with the by-product building being 275 sqm and up to 18m tall.

Works comprised of a reinforced concrete raft foundation with cast in HD bolts for structural steel, service ducting and drainage. There were a number of bunded areas for chemical storage with a number requiring epoxy floor covering. Internally there was an office/control room an electrical control room, blockwork and partition to form fire compartments for stair towers and various process rooms.

The buildings were required to cover the production plant and equipment and provide protection, prevent noise and light pollution. To harmonise their appearance with the adjacent buildings, the cladding was grey coated steel sheeting to match that already used on site.

External Works

Accompanying these works was the construction of access roads, paving, drainage, concrete tank bases and bunds, concrete hard standings for tanker unloading with epoxy coatings, foul and surface water services, gas and associated electrical services. All works were carried out within the existing plant boundary to a permitting regime that we regularly encounter and diligently comply with.

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