Sector: Process Industries

Bioethanol Plant - Vivergo Fuels Ltd

  • Location: Hull
  • Client: Vivergo Fuels Ltd
  • Duration: 3 years

Clugston Facilities Management provides a wide range of services at Vivergo Fuels, which is one of the largest ethanol producers in Europe and also the UK's largest single source supplier of animal feed.

Following the completion of civil engineering works undertaken by Clugston Construction for the site, Clugston FM was awarded a three year facilities management contract.

Scope of Services

Our personnel work in key operational positions including:

  • front end loader drivers loading trailers with animal feed
  • vehicle inspectors ensuring that trailers and tankers comply with industry FEMAS regulations
  • chemical tanker supervision for the delivery of chemicals and the dispatch of ethanol fork lift truck drivers ensuring that production chemicals are delivered to the plant locations as and when necessary.

Clugston FM also provide important support services including:

  •  industrial and domestic cleaning
  •  administrative support
  •  road sweeping
  • pest and weed control
  • building services maintenance

Our technicians have multi-skilled responsibilities including emergency lighting, roller shutter doors, emergency shower servicing, fire alarm systems,air conditioning and fire safety and any ad hoc dutiesas required.

When in full production Clugston operatives also supervise the road tanker filling mechanism, and complete all associated paperwork and quality records which are audited by HM Customs and Excise.

Clugston Solution/Achievements

All of Vivergo Fuels mobile plant has been leased through ourselves, along with the management of the service and maintenance contracts. Clugston FM also manage major subcontractors on Vivergo Fuels behalf including scaffolding and waste.

Key to Success

  • Clugston staff, working in close partnership with Vivergo Fuels, are treated as part of their operational team, and this engenders professionalism and a team spirit to succeed
  • Clugston staff work in areas that are key to the bioethanol production process developing an extensively qualified and experienced workforce with specific knowledge linked to locally based resources
  • shared values and procedures with respect to health and safety performance
  • open and honest working practices, with a view to developing a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship

Note Following targets set by the UK Government as part of the renewable transport fuel obligation, Vivergo Fuels’ ethanol plant was built in Saltend, near Hull. The £300m plant is one of the largest in Europe. It transforms 1.1 million tons of wheat into 420 million litres of ethanol annually, and supplies nearly one-third of the UK’s bio fuel demand when fully operational. The ethanol produced will provide a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The plant will also be the largest supplier of animal feed in the UK at 500,000t annually and it helps to address the protein deficit in the agriculture sector. Nearly half of the wheat used by the plant is converted into animal feed, which is supplied to domestic farmers for feeding nearly 340,000 dairy cows daily.


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