Bulk Powder Distribution (Food Grade)

With one of the largest specialised bulk powder tanker fleets in the UK, Clugston Distribution operates a dedicated service of ‘Food Grade Only’ tankers; answering to the stringent hygiene and quality demands of the food industry manufacturers.

Working as a separate specialist operation, the Bulk Food Products team are experienced professionals, able to fully understand and respond to the unique needs and requirements of the food industry.

As well as our base in East Riding, Clugston operate food tankers from depots in the North West, Scunthorpe and East Anglia.

In addition to the standard satellite tracking, Clugston can also offer convenient ways to ensure client needs are met from our central operations facility, 24/7 , including: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), using remote silo monitoring capabilities; “just in time” and flexible delivery schedules; and silo evacuation (vacuum tanks) to assist in dealing with mechanical failure, or contamination issues. Examples of products currently handled include: flour, gluten, bran, rice, rusk, salt, sugar and starch. We are TASCC registered in order to carry animal feeds.

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